We entered the pandemic named Barmetrix and we are emerging as Ruckus. As tempting as it is to say our name change came as a result of intense reflection over the last year, the truth is that the first lockdown announcement and our intended launch date collided. As strange as currently feels, we had the budget for a party back then, now, the money boss is allowing me one blog post only – I have put in a request for a party later in the year! 

So, why the name change? We have been running successfully as Barmetrix for 14 years in the UK and can count some of the best venues in town as clients, however, without our own website it was difficult to showcase our unique personalities and capabilities, we will still be the Barmetrix head office for the UK and but with a shiny new shop window, adding a little ‘method to the madness’ – check it out at www.theruckusgroup.com 

A positive outcome of the pandemic enforced introspection is the clarity of the direction we are headed, we are now laser focussed on becoming the best outsourced head office for any size of operation. We have come up with a best-in-class coaching plan that’s equally suited to individuals as it is large teams; have forged partnerships with some really talented people and organisations to round out our offer and kept up our internal development and training program.  

It hasn’t been all navel gazing however, whilst weaving around lockdowns, we helped KERB Seven Dials Market relaunch their drinks list and collaborated on their customer experience. We also overhauled West Lexham’s HR and operations and kicked off their staff engagement program so they will hit the ground running next month.

At a time when many operators are understaffed as a result of the pandemic, we are well placed to plug any holes in any teams expertise, from HR and operations, training to stock control, mystery shopping and team coaching to improve performance and engagement. Our team members are all hospitality veterans and there is rarely a situation a client is facing that we can’t help with.

Have a click around our new site and give us a call, our team needs the exercise.