Ruckus. when a little disruption is good for business.

Ruckus is the latest great idea from Ant Ciavarella and Aoife Halliday of Barmetrix UK. Offering a host of services to hospitality businesses to help you boost your bottom line.

From state of the art stocktaking, procurement and sponsorship to coaching, WSET training, mystery shopping and more. We are your 24/7 external hospitality HQ!


About Us


We believe a little strategic disruption can go a long way. By shaking up the way you usually do things, it’s surprising what great results you can achieve. 

Our team is expert in all the areas that matter to your hospitality business. We can support and coach you through projects while helping you fine-tune your systems and services.

Do things better, get in touch and let’s chat. 


Structure and efficiency

Whenever anyone pitches themselves with the line that using us can increase profits I’m extremely dubious. It’s every businessman’s dream to use a service that gives them a tangible return. However Ruckus has transformed my business, not only with an immediate impact of solving stock issues which were haemorrhaging money, but also introducing a back of house working culture that created STRUCTURE AND EFFICIENCY. I have seen a direct increase in profitability and a great return. I can’t recommend them enough. The ability to get simple, relevant and effective information allows you to drive your business forward more efficiently and more profitably.

Riz Shaikh, Director


 The Challenge

Challenge & Solve

We love a challenge at Ruckus. If you’ve hit a brick wall we can help you climb it.

Sometimes it takes that extra pair of experienced eyes looking in to your business to unlock the performance potential of your teams and enhance your business profitability.