With all the change happening in the world, some things haven’t changed. What won’t change, ever, is that choosing be in the hospitality business is choosing to be in the experience business. You can have delicious drinks and world class food (if you can find a chef) but fail to deliver on the experience and people will be all over their socials like so much cheap hand sanitiser. In my experience, the experience is delivered by people over apps or clever technology, the best meal you ever had can quickly be spoiled by an indifferent or overworked server, the taste of which will linger far longer on your palate than the divine vegan steak tartare ever will.

Most of our current clients and those places quoted in the news, our future clients, are reporting the most challenging recruitment environment ever with exhausted employees being punished with increasingly unsustainable schedules. 

So, how to get the things done that need doing without compromising the experience you want to offer? You could sink precious time into finding more staff or you could look for someone to help. Your front of house will always be your front of house but much of your back of house is someone else’s front of house, namely ours. We can give your team back time (yes, we are magic) while delivering better results – I am still waiting for the manager who tells me they love stocktaking or organising mystery shops!

So, do more with less and get us in for a chat, one meeting could yield you more time, superior results and an overall more effective use of resources. Plus, we are all dead lovely.