Structure and efficiency

Whenever anyone pitches themselves with the line that using us can increase profits I’m extremely dubious. It’s every businessman’s dream to use a service that gives them a tangible return. However Ruckus has transformed my business, not only with an immediate impact of solving stock issues which were haemorrhaging money, but also introducing a back of house working culture that created STRUCTURE AND EFFICIENCY. I have seen a direct increase in profitability and a great return. I can’t recommend them enough. The ability to get simple, relevant and effective information allows you to drive your business forward more efficiently and more profitably.

Riz Shaikh, Director


More than pays for itself

I have been using Ruckus for over 10 years. As an owner it changed the way I run my bars. Having a third party count your stock and not a staff member gives you a complete sense of security and relief. No more training new guys how to count stock, ensuring a fluid continuity from one manager to the next, trusting the result. Depending on the business we sometime could do away with the bar manager completely. Oh, and IT MORE THAN PAYS FOR ITSELF. Minimal stock leakage, our GP went up by 4 points and they provide help and tools to fix any problems found. I wish I had invested in it!

Jonathan Murray - Owner



Extension of our team

We have great venues. We are not great at stocktaking. Ruckus is. With Ruckus looking after our stock, our management teams can do what they do best and concentrate on running their venues. The reports we get are not only accurate to the millilitre, the lovely Ruckus crew have become an EXTENSION OF OUR TEAM and our managers really appreciate the support. 

We all sleep better knowing that one of the many, but vital, parts of running a venue is being looked after so well by a company we trust and our managers are so much happier not counting bottles! I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Auro Foxcroft - Owner



A vital component

Ruckus has become A VITAL COMPONENT of our management team – they work closely and effectively with us to ensure the best possible results for our venues. Since working with them we have seen a significant reduction in stock variance combined with an increase in our profitability. Ant and his staff are an absolute pleasure to work with and have a GENUINE understanding of our industry from top to bottom.

Dan Beaumont - Owner


Happy days!

Ruckus is a great company. They’ve really helped bring some science and clarity to difficult areas of our business. Their staff are helpful, friendly and thorough and they really care about what they do. As a result, they’ve helped us develop a culture of accountability and precision while engaging managers in the process and giving them valuable insights in to achieving great performance. Margins are up and wastage down. HAPPY DAYS!

Jon Ross, Founder and Aoife Halliday



Every millilitre accounted for

Ruckus gives you the peace of mind that EVERY MILLILITRE of stock is being accounted for! Their staff are efficient, courteous and very good at what they do. I don’t hesitate in recommending them to any bar or restaurant owner.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones - Owner

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