When we ask clients where we can help, they tell us…

Stock control, productivity, staff development and customer experience are top of their wish list. See what we offer:


Do you want to know exactly where your business stands? Give us three weeks and we will give you detailed, data-driven insights on three essential points of your business – your people, your customers and your liquid return.

We will measure the engagement of your team using the Gallup Q12 Survey – a seemingly simple 12 question survey that is the distillation of over half a million employee interviews – each question having links to one or more of the essential KPIs of Productivity, Profitability, Retention and Customer Satisfaction.

We will conduct a mystery shop, which will give us invaluable detail on the true customer experience and wrap it all up all up with the world renowned Barmetrix stock discovery view. Our best in field stocktakes, accurate to the millilitre, that will provide us with enough data to immediately increase your bottom-line profits. This all comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t think the information is worth it.


Your pub or bar team are probably doing stocktakes; and they probably hate doing them too. On the other hand, our team does the best pub and bar stocktakes in the world, powered by Barmetrix; and they LOVE doing them!

Are you happy with the information you receive from current liquor stock control and bar inventory reports? We do them better than anyone else in the world, so why not free up your team to do what they do best; leaving our experienced stocktakers to identify your bar stock performance, waste/overstocking, discrepancies/poor GPs?

Ruckus clients understand the value of completely independent, extremely accurate bar stock reports (to the millilitre and verified by your team), enabling them to make informative and real time decisions on the direction of their hospitality business while keeping management teams involved and accountable. Full reports with our expert analysis are guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours, bar stock on-hand reports available the same day, and our stock counts can populate or calibrate internal stock control systems. See SAMPLE REPORTS


Put smiles on the faces of your customers, every time they visit.

We can provide insight into your customers’ experiences by matching shoppers to your style of venue seeing your customer journey through their eyes. We collaborate on key objectives and question formulation to help you provide (literally) the remarkable service you expect every time.

Give your customers reasons to come back – and to bring their friends with them!

You can probably see your competition from the front door, turn customers into fans and they will naturally recommend your place to everyone they know – the original and best form of social media.

Want to become one of our trusted mystery shoppers? CLICK HERE


In a busy bar at peak periods, the average bartender puts £10 thorough the till every minute. Ruckus trained bartenders are never average. We can add thousands more to your bottom line with our tailored speed and efficiency training sessions.

Our bartender training workshops are designed to engage your front of house team in how basic bartender skills are essential in running successful, vibrant venues and the direct impact the individual can have on the bottom line of the business. They also tend to be fun.

Using the unique Barmetrix® bartender training software – Protrainer®, every session yields valuable reports on both individual and team performance which are used to give direction for future learning and development that your managers can focus on with your front of house teams.

Our unique bartender training software is also available on licence for internal use, with added account support also available.


Do you know what your team’s natural talents are?

Everyone is endowed with innate talents. Coaching converts talents to strengths in the individual and promotes highly effective collaboration in a team context. Now, more than ever, we are having to do more with less – when people are using their talents, they are much more effective and engaged in their roles even if they are busier than ever!

When a company invests in Strengths coaching for the development of its people, the likelihood of creating both more engaged and effective team members is almost certain. Ruckus is a proudly Strengths based organisation, every member of the team is coached to help them better understand themselves, how they operate and how best to use their talents in all aspects of their lives.

We would love to do the same for your people.


We can design programs that address the bottlenecks in your business to help you build a world class operation.

We have designed half and full day workshops covering everything from front to back of house. Focusing on how decisions you make on the floor during the shift, effect the businesses bottom line. From stock management, customer journey design, wage control to organisation and productivity, investing in your teams full understanding of the business reaps rewards across the board.

As a consequence of the busy nature of hospitality businesses, teams and managers are often left to work things out on their own. Our team has the experience and know how to help you mould your people for the business needs. From how to set up a pre-shift checklist to knowing how to poke holes in a P&L and everything in between, let us put a program together for your most valuable assets.

Staff development and investment + understanding and knowledge = staff satisfaction, enhanced customer experience, staff retention and increased profit. 



Knowledge and confidence to sell with integrity.

We are WSET certified and can teach your team to the WSET standards for spirits – help your staff deliver exceptional service by giving them the knowledge and confidence to sell with integrity.

Sales is simply the transferral of enthusiasm – we can instil all the enthusiasm your team needs to make sales naturally that enhances your customer experience, no one likes being sold to but everyone loves a bit of excitement!

Upcoming courses coming soon!


You can benefit from the strong relationships we have with our suppliers.

Are you buying at the best possible prices for your stock? Are you selling all your products at the optimum price? What should your ideal GP be and how will you ensure you are achieving it?

Our purchasing service will do all the legwork for you and present a range of options from multiple suppliers that you can decide upon, sponsorship deals, staff trips and ongoing support are all reviewed, summarised and advised upon for you to make the best decision for your business.


The perfect drinks crafted with you for your venue.

Our team has been reviewed and recommended in Time Out and The Stylist magazine, through working on seasonal, on trend and on themed lists for rooftop and cultural events.

We specialise in party drink menus for the masses – from batches to punches, themed or refined. With a collaboratively constructed brief we can deliver well-rounded menus that will not only tickle your customers’ taste buds but are financially sound and work for your bottom line.

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