I met with a friend this week who wants to lose a few pounds for an impending poolside holiday with skinny people, we discussed a few ideas before settling on strategy of fasting and faster dog walking. To her credit, she started then and there, displaying admirable restraint as I drank both our shares of her favourite wine in front of her.

She readily confessed to a (medium to heavy) biscuit habit that could come between her a bikini so we started talking about environment design, how removing unwanted, or, in my friend’s case, very much wanted, items from your space can be helpful in maintaining discipline.

Adding or removing obstacles, depending on whether you want to do less or more of a thing, is an effective strategy for any area of life – if you are having trouble getting to the gym in the morning, having your kit packed and by the front door could help you get your sweat on, switching your phone off and putting in another room may mean that report is emailed on time. 

Good environment design can be applied to your digital life too, is your laptop desktop uncluttered and do you have any time wasting apps that could be removed from your phone? Could you disable notifications, switch off your wireless connection or use an app like Freedom to cut you off from online distractions? I use Freedom and it is annoyingly effective. https://freedom.to/features

There are many simple, low-cost ways to smooth your life, Ruckus offers productivity courses aimed at the hospitality industry, taking into account all skill levels, working with the tools you already have, to get more done in the same time. 

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