How are you doing? A difficult question to answer, sometimes, another point of view is helpful.

Brexit and the pandemic have stretched teams to the limit, the urgent often being prioritised over the important. Things like stock control, mystery shopping, bartender training and staff development. All things we know are vital to the success of our businesses but at the same time, all too easy to put in the “next month when things have settled down” basket.

What a happy coincidence that those are all areas we specialise in. Our mystery shopping team (sisters Charlotte and Hollie) in particular are complaining that they don’t have a enough to do, they spent lockdown configuring our fancy new online mystery shopping platform and they want some new clients in their drop down lists.

So, to help ensure they have no time for their children, we are running a special for the month of October, 50% for any new venue – now £75 instead of £150.  

Help us help you – we will help you understand your business from your customers’ point of view, backed up by our excellent expertise to give you feedback on what is going well and what could do with a little attention. 

Hit the contact button and I will put you in touch with our mystery sisters, they are the best in the business and you most definitely want them in your business.