How many emails do you have in your inbox? I have precisely zero. 

A few years ago, I thought I was good at keeping on top of my emails, there were usually between 30 and 50 emails in my inbox that I intended to do something about. Eventually.

About that time, I started studying David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology and read “How to Be a Productivity Ninja” by Graham Allcott, a GTD inspired book that ranges from holding meetings, workflows, daily and weekly reviews, checklists and email management. 

The inbox management section is simple and effective and can be implemented in an afternoon. The central premise is not to use your inbox as a to do list and revolves around 3 folders – Action, Waiting and Read – and having very few other folders at all. 

I now very rarely fail to get back to anyone and the most important thing of all, I never worry about that message I think I saw a few scrolls deep in my inbox. Every email is processed and dealt with and you get to wear your best smug git face multiple times a day. 

Teaching this process something.

Ant Ciavarella | Founder and CEO