A recent KAM Media report (Merging People & Tech) came back with some findings that would come as no surprise to most operators. Almost two thirds of staff reported they are enjoying hospitality less than they were pre-pandemic and almost the same number admitting that the customer experience is taking a hit – two probably not unrelated phenomena. This while 40% of customers are saying staff friendliness and knowledge is more important now that it was than when most of us had only seen doctors on TV wear facemasks.

Ruckus can help the atmosphere of your place while increasing staff engagement and service levels.

Are your staff still counting stock instead of doing what they enjoy and what is profitable? Give us a call. Are your staff still doing training that doesn’t help them understand how best to use their innate talents to provide true hospitality? Give us a call. Are you sticking your finger in the air to work out what your customers want? Give us a call.

In short, we have many ways to help operators do more with less and improve the guest experience at the same time. Give us a call and we will give you the long version.