They weren’t predicting this.

Those of our clients who have been able to open are surpassing all expectations. “Never thought we could do numbers like that” said one customer as they bolted past pre Covid trading records with their insides missing.

Predictably however, running a venue is even more unpredictable with Covid guidelines to navigate, processes to implement, new suppliers to integrate, unfamiliar ordering systems and customers who are ‘first date’ awkward. All while being short on experienced staff who also have green recruits to bring up to speed. 

Some questions for those who aren’t clients of Ruckus already:

·        How do you maintain stock integrity when your team are too busy or inexperienced to count stock and deliver meaningful analysis?

·        How do you make sure your staff are making great drinks as quickly as possible during peak periods?

·        How do you make sure your service standards are being kept up by your team?

The answer is, of course, by becoming clients of Ruckus.

We can do all the above while gifting your team time and make operating your venue, well, just a little bit more predictable.

Contact us to find out how.

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