The BBC reported last week that of the top 50 companies in the UK, most are reporting that they are not planning on bringing workers back to the office full time.

To state the obvious, Covid has been a massive catalyst for change for many of us, as our homes increasingly host our work, it becomes imperative that we are intentional about the different roles we play in life – managing your team the way you manage your children probably wouldn’t fly.

During lockdown, we have developed a program that helps define the roles we all inhabit, to put on the right hat at the right time. Personally, it has made a real difference – cycling from home to a client’s venue today with my ears still ringing from the family morning ruckus, I took a moment to step into my work alter ego and I had a more engaged and effective day as a result. When I arrived home, I made the opposite transition which meant my family got Home Me, not Work Me. 

Drop us a line if you want to find out more about our program and how we can help you and your team be more effective in all the roles you play in life, it is a playful and surprisingly powerful process.

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