About 4 years ago, I was told to get out of my own way. Which was polite speak for “you are crap at running your company, get someone in who loves doing that sort of thing because you are ruining your life and any future prospects your company might have”. 

I have also been told I can read too much into things but the essence of the message stuck with me and I took my friend’s sage advice and brought in my most excellent and much valued business partner (and friend) to run our operation. Still qualifies as my best business decision ever – she doesn’t make or pay me to say that, honest.

As the business has grown, Covid notwithstanding, and now with a pub thrown into the mix, Aoife and I were increasingly moving away from the things that we are love doing, those things that spark energy and enthusiasm in us both. On a call a few weeks back, Aoife wished for someone that knows our software, is good at systems and great at managing a team to take control of the inventory control side of the business.

Enter Matthew Palmer. He sent us a mail asking about work a couple of days after Aoife sent her request to the universe. Fresh from working in the Toronto Barmetrix office for the last 3 years, he knows our software, is good at systems and is great at managing a team. Thanks universe, you rock my world.

Know what gives you energy. Do more of that. Know what others are good at. Find alternative ways to proceed that play to their strengths to get the job done.

How do you know what you are good at? Glad you asked. The Gallup Strengthsfinder (StrengthsFinder 2.0 | EN – Gallup) has helped over 25 million people discover what gives them energy, what drains them for decades and is based on millions of data points. Drop us a line and find out what your strengths are and how to play to them.