I nearly dropped my digital scales this morning, I was juggling them with a bag of flour and in my head, my father’s voice was chiding me to “USE TWO HANDS!”. I then gave myself a good chide as that is the piece of advice I hand out most often to colleagues, bartenders and children (both others and mine).

Using two hands sounds simple but is very underused, in trainings, we often see a bartender’s non dominant hand playing a bit part in the making a round of drinks and my inner touch typer cringes every time I witness  the slow, painful pecking out of words on a keyboard. 

Learning to use two hands is a residual skill, like a side hustle that makes you money in your sleep, it pays for the initial investment ad infinitum. For the bartender, it means more drinks made, creating a better customer experience, a better bottom line for their employer and more tip opportunities for themselves. For a touch typist, those emails or reports are done faster, gifting themselves more time in their day and perhaps more importantly, it means thoughts flow from brain to screen without a halting journey through their hands. 

Look for opportunities to give your hands equal billing and reap the rewards, it also means you won’t break expensive sets of scales too.

Ant Ciavarella | Founder and CEO